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The Page Law Office Practice

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Based on over a decade of experience as a practicing attorney in Las Vegas, our firm handles a broad range of individual, business and family law issues. We have helped hundreds of families and individuals deal with issues as diverse as divorce, adoption, personal injury and dealing with traffic tickets.

In addition, we provide flexible and affordable services for your short term or special circumstance needs.   Our services are available for consultation, single appearance and for flat fee uncontested representation.

Divorce and Family Law Services

Our law practice assists families and individuals seeking help with family legal issues, including:

Our firm provides legal advice and support throughout the process so you can focus on your family and your life and not hassle with court documents and wonder if you are making the right decisions.  Let our firm take the pressure off and speed you through your family law issue and get the resolution you need so you can move forward.

Other Practice Areas

Many families deal with other legal issues related to the above issues or encounter situations where legal help  is needed.  We handle legal cases that include:

Flat Fee Uncontested Representation and Single Appearance Services

Often your court appearance may be a single day or single event.  Our firm can supply an attorney for your appearance to represent you in such situations as uncontested divorce, traffic violations and bankruptcy hearings.

Call our office today to find out more and meet with an attorney to get help with your legal issue.