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Marriage and Divorce Law


When it comes to dealing with legal issues involving your family, things can often become complicated very quickly. Family relationships, emotions and the stresses of daily life can make things even harder. Having a solid, experienced family law attorney to turn to will help take the pressure off and give you peace of mind.

Divorce and Related Services

Fred Page Law Office in Las Vegas handles Family Law cases related to:

as well as family-law related issues, such as:

Whether you are contemplating starting the divorce process, or have hit a snag in the middle of the process, Page Law Office can help you figure out your options and find the best path forward. Let Page Law Office put together the best solutions for you that will give you the best chance at a quick and successful transition to your new life.

Other Marriage Law Services

As a full-service family and marriage law practitioner in Nevada, Fred Page Law Office can help you with your:

Many families turn  to us for help in handling the areas of pre/post-nuptial agreements and domestic partnerships that are based on a solid understanding of the financial and other legal consequences of marriage on the couple. And we help couples and families complete adoptions and guardianships that strengthen and grow their families and assure that the family members are responsibly cared for. We take pride in serving our community with all their marriage and partnership-related needs.