Adoption Attorney Services in Las Vegas

adoptionWhether you are ready to adopt a child from an agency, or want to adopt a stepchild, adoption can be a complex and confusing process. Adoption laws differ from state to state.  Fred Page has helped families in Las Vegas navigate the adoption process and can help you at whatever stage of the process in which you find yourself.

Whether you are adopting a family member, a newborn, a special needs child, a young child or a teen, it  is important to plan and organize your case to speed the process along and avoid problems and delays that are hard on you and your family.

Consent in Nevada Adoptions

In Nevada, both biological parents must sign consent to adoption and their consent is irrevocable.  The exception is in the case the court has terminated parental rights of one or both parents.  In addition, if the adoptee is a child over the age of 14, he or she must also consent to the adoption.  In the adoption of a newborn, written consent from the biological mother must wait for at least 72 hour after birth.

Who may adopt a child in Nevada?

In Nevada, an adult who is at least ten years older than the child may adopt.  If the person seeking to adopt is married, both spouses must agree to the adoption.  The adopting parties must have resided in Nevada for at least six months prior to filing for adoption.  A Petition for Adoption must be filed with the court for approval.

Getting Approval and Finalizing the Adoption

After filing of the Petition, unless the adoptee is related by blood to the third degree of consanguinity, a Child Welfare Agency will carry out an investigation and report on:

  • The veracity of the details included in the Petition
  • Fees and costs reported by the adoptive Parent
  • Condition of the child and whether he or she is of Native American ancestry, when the adoption falls under the jurisdiction of the Indian tribe
  • Whether the adoptive Parent is suitable for the child, after living at least six months in the home

Adoption can be a complex process.  For more information, download this useful guide to Adoption in Nevada. Early and careful planning will help to make the process move more quickly and reduce the stress of mistakes and delays. Let Fred Page Law Office help you navigate the process for a happy start to your new family life.