Divorce Attorney Services in Las Vegas

Divorce and legal separation are difficult for families, and can be emotional and hard on young children as well as parents. Page Law Office can take the pressure off and settle your divorce as smoothly and painlessly as possible. In addition, Page Law Office can help with related issues such as marriage annulment, alimony payments, and child custody.

Your Divorce Case

Your divorce case will be handled with your interests in mind.  Divorce cases are handled differently depending on the type of case:

Uncontested divorce is simplest, where both parties are in agreement and the process is amicable.  An attorney is recommended to help facilitate the complete and correct filing of required documents so everything flows smoothly and all issues are addressed and handled so you both can move on.

Contested divorce is a more complex situation and process in which your case must be carefully prepared to go before a judge. Your attorney will prepare a strong case supporting your interests to be sure you are treated fairly in the settlement and get what you deserve, whether it  involves child custody, distribution of assets or assuring an income such as alimony or child support.

Page Law Office handles both contested and uncontested divorce cases. Divorce can be a challenge in many ways, emotionally, financially, as a parent and even where and how you live from day to day. Let Page Law Office help make the divorce process easier for you so you can focus on living your life and moving forward with confidence.