Uncontested Divorce

 Uncontested Divorce in Las Vegas

When the divorcing couple is not in disagreement and the divorce is amicable, the marriage can be ended with an uncontested divorce filing. A divorce on good terms and in mutual agreement is faster, less expensive and less emotionally difficult for the family, especially when children are involved.

divorceUncontested divorce requires both spouses to be in agreement – they must both agree on the terms of the divorce, including such issues as child custody and any alimony payments. They must both be willing to agree to and sign the divorce documents once they are prepared.

If an agreement can be reached, the couple won’t need to appear before a judge. The uncontested divorce process involves filing signed divorce documents with the courts, after ensuring that it has been properly prepared with the help of a family law attorney like Page Law Office. The divorce is usually completed within one to three months of filing, depending on the court caseload. Uncontested divorce is the fastest route to ending a marriage, no matter the length of the marriage or the issues involved.

If your upcoming divorce is amicable and you and your spouse are in basic agreement, save time and money and choose to file for an uncontested divorce with Page Law Office. We will prepare your settlement agreement for both parties to sign, and make all necessary filings on your behalf, making sure nothing is missed and that a clean, fair and complete settlement of assets and other issues can take place. Reaching an uncontested divorce settlement can go a long way towards saving time, money, and reducing stress. Call or contact us today and let page Law Office manage your uncontested divorce.