Premises Liability

Premises Liability Las Vegas

Shovel And HoleHave you been injured on someone else’s property? Was it your fault? If the answer to the second question was “no,” then we can help you! If you’ve been injured,have incurred medical expenses, or have lost income due to time off work, have been unable to care for your family and loved ones and are in pain, you should seek compensation for the losses you’ve suffered through no fault of your own. Owners of businesses and properties are held liable for injuries that occur on their premises; and if those injuries were the result of negligence in their repair and upkeep, then they are held accountable if a person is injured on their property.

Some common causes of injury and premises liability settlements are:

  • Uneven floor tiles or cracked pavement
  • Battery or sexual assault
  • Water leakage or slick surfaces
  • Improperly grounded electrical outlets
  • Unrestrained dangerous animals (aggressive dogs, venomous reptiles, etc.)
  • Poor lighting in home or office
  • Open holes or excavation sites without proper cordoning

Any accident that results in injury of this type may leave you eligible to make a personal injury claim, and Page Law Office can help. For an attorney dedicated to getting you the settlement you deserve, call our office for a free consultation today!