Traffic Tickets

 Traffic Tickets and Warrants

If you are issued a traffic ticket, you may be asked to appear in traffic court. If you want to ask for a points reduction, you will have to take the time to go to court and appeal to the traffic court judge. Page Law Office can save you time and trouble, and help you get the best outcome from your traffic violation situation.

Traffic court may be mandatory if you have had multiple violations, DUI or a warrant due to unpaid tickets. Sometimes a mandatory appearance requirement is made in  error and can be cleared up by your attorney. If you have an outstanding violation, multiple violations, one or more late traffic tickets,  a warrant, DUI or other serious situation, call today for a consultation to help you take care the problem. Neglecting traffic tickets may lead to a warrant for your arrest. And, it could mean higher fines, higher auto insurance rates and even suspension or revocation of your Nevada driver’s license. On receiving a traffic ticket you may choose several paths:

  • Pay the fine and accept the driving penalty points
  • Pay the fine and enroll in traffic school if eligible to reduce the points
  • Appear in traffic court, represent yourself and request fine and/or point reduction

Hire a traffic ticket attorney to help An attorney may be able to help you to avoid the worst outcomes of traffic tickets. With an experienced traffic ticket attorney, you may be able to avoid:

  • Appearing in court
  • Standing in long wait lines
  • Points on your driving record
  • Insurance rate increase
  • Traffic school
  • Paying the full fine

With attorney help, your case resolution may include ticket and court fines reduction and reduction of the charge to a non-moving (no points) violation. If you have one or more outstanding traffic tickets or a warrant for your arrest as the result of failure to pay traffic tickets, call or contact Page Law Office for help to take care of the problem for you.